Decorating your home around the festive season is one of the great joys of this time of year. With many types of decorations, flowers remain a classic, elegant and timeless choice for all home styles. With such a wide variety of classic Christmas flowers, we have compiled a list to help you decide which will be the best fit for your home.

Discover our top picks for classical blooms to decorate your home this Christmas season below!


When you first think of Christmas, you may think of striking red hues and deep forestry greens. This colour palette is precisely what the amaryllis offers, presenting bright red blooms matched to a traditional Christmas gathering. It is not surprising that this is a popular choice, with larger-than-life flowers in a trumpet shape, catching the eye of whoever passes by them.

Moreover, these flowers flourish indoors, making them ideal for bouquets and tabletop arrangements. Long lasting Christmas foliage that lasts for weeks and pairs wonderfully with crimson berries for an extra festive touch.


Possibly the most iconic Christmas bloom of them all, the Poinsettia ranks high on the list of popular and traditional decor options. Just like the amaryllis, it offers rich red tones that contrast against deep green foliage. These plants differ somewhat from regular flowering plants as their petals are actual bracts, which are the upper leaves of a plant. The flowers are tiny green or yellow blooms nestled in between leaves.


Azaleas fall into the Rhododendron family and are a popular choice around the festive season, adding a classic snowy touch to your home decor. Perfect if you are going for a classic look, the gorgeous, full white blooms add a wintery aesthetic while providing elegance and a wonderful aroma. They truly bring a feminine touch to festive decor and can outlast other blooms, making them a fantastic investment this year! Just remember to ensure their soil is consistently moist. Azaleas also make wonderful gifts.

Red Roses 

Red roses are not only traditional to Valentine’s Day, as they also make frequent appearances around the festive season. This appearance is due to their vivid red petals, paying homage to the classic colours associated with Christmas celebrations. Pairing your red rose bouquets with seasonal berries and gold foliage pulls any decor together into something truly magnificent!

Decorating your home with traditional Christmas flowers is a fantastic way to bring the vision to life. These classic flowers are winning choices if you hope to stay true to the Christmas traditions and spirit.

At Moss ‘n Stone, we can bring your festive flower vision to life! We create breathtaking arrangements using fresh flowers and foliage. If you want to design your Christmas flower bouquets and arrangements, do not hesitate to visit our website or get in touch today.