If there’s any plant that’s currently enjoying 15 minutes of fame, it’s the succulent. Don’t get us wrong, they’ve always been somewhat popular, but the last couple of years have seen them become the superstars of the plant world. There are many reasons for this rise, such as their resistance to pests, low maintenance watering routines, and wide selection of colours and patterns. While we’re all excited about them, we’ve decided to put together a list of things you may not know about succulents on the Gold Coast.

1 – What’s in a Name? Theirs was Derived from a Latin Word

Succulent plant leaves are chunky because they contain sap (plant juice, if you will), which is called “sucus” in Latin. It’s a descriptive name that has been around for for a long time.

2 – The Colour of a Succulent can Indicate if It’s Good Indoors or Outdoors

Some succulents thrive indoors while others fair better outdoors. It depends on the type, but the rule of thumb is: grey hues go outside, and green shades are great inside.

3 – You can Use a Leaf Cutting to Grow an Entirely New Plant

There’s no need to look for seeds if you want to grow another succulent plant of the same species. All you have to do is snip off a leaf, leave it to dry, and plant it in a pot with soil. Water once a week and you will have a new little succulent sprouting in no time..

4 – Succulents are Sourced from the Desert

The moisture that succulents keep inside them is a result of survival instincts. They occur naturally in deserts with dry climates, so they need to retain water because of lack of rain.

5 – They Are Not Necessarily the Same as Cacti

Think about it this way. Cacti are one part of the succulent family – a type of succulent. Every kind of cactus is a succulent, but not every succulent is a cactus.

6 – Start Off with a Low Maintenance Pencil Cactus to Find Your Feet

Being a plant parent is no child’s play. When it comes to taking care of succulents, you should ease into it with the least demanding types. Pencil cactus is an example of one such plant, as it only needs to be watered once a month.

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