In review

Wow folks 2018 is here, wasn’t so long ago that we thought 2020 was futuristic, now look at us, we are just a couple of years away. 2017 was very kind to us all at Moss’n’Stone, we have seen the business grow from strength to strength.

Our Premises

A huge decision for us midyear was to downsize our premises from two shops to one, we came to this decision when our corporate work began to grow to the point that we did not have the time required to maintain the store at that size, of course we still have our beautiful giftware just a little less of it.

Our Flowers

With the floral design side of the business growing so quickly so has team Moss’n’Stone, our staff are incredibly talented with many years experience in floristry. Our senior florists have been kept busy with student florists throughout the year, ensuring our visiting team members leave us with many new skills.  The florists who make up the Moss’n’Stone team are dedicated to designing beautiful art with flowers, keeping up with the latest trends and designs and passing on their talents to the next generation of florists.

Our Focus

Our main focus for 2017 was of course providing excellence in customer service and floral design and ensuring we made each bouquet better, every bride happier and all special events spectacular.

Moving Forward

2018 will see team Moss’n’Stone busy with weddings, corporate events and ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our floral designs, quality of service and beautiful fresh flowers always.