There is nothing quite like selecting and receiving a stunning floral arrangement for your special events. Having a bouquet on display can brighten a room, serve as a striking centrepiece, complement a theme and simply make those in attendance smile. Moss N Stone, a florist that services Ashmore and all other Gold Coast suburbs, shares the following tips to keep your event’s blooms looking lively for longer.

Use A Clean Vase

Start by cleaning and thoroughly rinsing the vase you intend to keep your flowers in. Any dirt or bacteria that your bouquet is exposed to could make the flowers wilt more quickly. Fill the vase about two-thirds with fresh, lukewarm water.

Feed Your Flowers

After filling your vase, add some flower food. Cut flowers often come with a little packet of flower food that helps keep the flowers looking vibrant. If you do not have any on hand, you can add about a teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and regular sugar to the water.

Clean Up Below The Waterline

Check whether any foliage will sit below the waterline in the vase and remove any to avoid any debris from building up. Trim the stems around 2cm from the bottom at a 45-degree angle before putting the flowers in the water.

Change Out The Water And Pay Attention To Position

Flowers love clean water, so you should change it regularly after the second day to keep your flowers as fresh as possible. Keep the flowers out of any direct sunlight, as direct exposure could shorten their lifespan or even cause them to burn and dry up.

Remove Wilted Flowers

The sad reality is that flowers will eventually wilt. It is best to remove wilting flowers as they appear.They not only look a bit sad, but the wilting can spread mould to other flowers if left to sit.

Choose Quality Flowers From A Trusted Florist

All our beautiful bouquets and arrangements are created with fresh flowers and foliage, delivered by our staff seven days a week. Ordering your event’s statement piece flowers from a florist servicing Ashmore and other Gold Coast suburbs could not be more simple‒ just visit our online store or contact us.