November is an exciting month for us here at Moss N Stone, we are coming off the great high we call ‘wedding season’, we are preparing for the many, fast-approaching Christmas events and it is, of course, the month of year twelve formals.

A timeless tradition and one of courtship, the giving of the flower corsage is still very much a thoughtful gesture that occurs in today’s modern world – because, well, what better way to celebrate such a milestone occasion than with gorgeous florals?

While there are two types of corsages – the pinned and the wrist – the latter is the most popular for this particular occasion. It is generally a gift given to the female from her male counterpart, before they head off, hand in hand, to the formal together. It is a sweet gift, as well as a memorable one.

The colour and style of the corsage is dependent entirely on the dress – if her dress is simple then the corsage can act as a statement piece, while a dress that is a crowd-turner may just need something a little more classic.

To help our formal-goers out, we thought we would put together our favourite styles for this year!

Sweet and dainty

For those with petite wrists, it’s best to go for a more dainty style wrist corsage. These are delicate and sweet and can be made on either a ribbon (to suit the dress colour) or one of of our small diamanté bands. Adorned with a handful of florals, berries and whimsical greenery, they are perfect for those wanting to keep it simple, but still add that finishing touch.

Elegant and traditional

This style is classic and timeless, featuring a cluster of florals in a dome-like shape. It emanates elegance, and is quite possibly the most popular of the bunch. This type of corsage can be made on one of our many bands, including our stunning pearl, glistening snap or sparkling diamanté. The choice of florals should match the dress, with the focal flower usually a spray rose or orchid.

Bold and beautiful

Make a statement with a bold and beautiful corsage. These corsages are tailored to suit your own style, for those who want something a little more different. We can either work off inspo pics you may have stumbled upon on Pinterest or leave it up to us, to weave our magic and create something super special. With lush trailing foliage, a mix of textures and off-centred florals, it is the perfect accessory to glam up a classic-style dress.

Absolute show-stopper

For something that truly demands your whole cohort’s attention, then you can’t go past an extraluxe wrist corsage. A floral masterpiece, these premium corsages are created specially for you. From twirling up the arm to floral rings or even a full flower crown – there is nothing we can’t make for your special night!

And fellas, while it may seem like this post is all about the ladies – don’t fret, we haven’t forgotten you! A corsage is never complete without a matching buttonhole for the male partner. Also known as a boutonniere, this petite floral creation is pinned to the lapel of your suit jacket and is made to complement whichever of the above corsage style your female counterpart chooses.

Contact us at either our Chirn Park or Australia Fair store to find out more, or to order your corsage and buttonhole today