Do you have a special occasion coming up? Are you looking for an ideal floral bouquet as a gift or a grand floral arrangement for a corporate function? If you are on the Gold Coast, the good news is that you do not have to look any further than Moss ‘n Stone.

As a boutique florist with years of experience and premium-quality flowers, there are a variety of reasons why we are one of the best Gold Coast florists for all your flower needs.

Flowers For Every Occasion in Chirn Park 

Moss ‘n Stone carries the widest selection of flowers you are likely to find on the Gold Coast. From seasonal flowers to dramatic ensembles, we have something for every occasion. Hosting a corporate event? We can help curate the most pristine floral arrangements for your gala dinner, book launch or marketing event.

We also supply the most beautiful lilies for funerals, as well as roses, carnations, posies and more for memorial day functions. We also provide private gifts for special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Visit our Chirn Park shop for the most exquisite flowers, curated gifts and the friendliest staff to assist you with expert recommendations.

Order Online, Easy Delivery

Adding to the appeal of Moss ‘n Stone is that we have a fully functional and user-friendly online store where you can browse our collections and select your desired picks at the click of a button. Shopping online with Moss ‘n Stone allows you to save time and purchase flowers for your event without leaving your desk, so you can focus on more pressing tasks.

Leave your floral arrangements up to us and enjoy easy, pleasant flower shopping with us to guide you. We are just a call away if you have questions about which flowers will best suit your function or which bouquet to choose for your loved one. For the best Chirn Park florist for your needs, let our specialist team at Moss ‘n Stone come to your service.

Get in touch with us for delivery in Chirn Park and neighbouring suburbs on the Gold Coast. Remember Moss ‘n Stone next time you are looking for flowers and gifts to brighten someone’s day.