Christmas is almost upon us. Soon stores will be covered in shiny tinsel and Christmas carols will be able to be heard throughout shopping centres. With the festivities of the season, however also  comes the question. What Christmas present do you get for your loved ones? Why not look at a beautiful potted plant! Plants keep growing and providing joy long after other gifts have lost their lustre..


Succulents are great little plants that need very little water to survive. If you have a friend that absolutely cannot keep anything alive, a succulent is probably the plant for them. You can forget about them for weeks, and they will still (most likely) be fine. There are so many varieties of succulents too. You can get little ones with delicate, coloured leaves or bigger ones that can even be trained into a bonsai shape. Either way, a bit of water to wet their roots and some pleasant sunshine, and a succulent will carry on giving joy long after the festive season.

Clivias and Poinsettias

Both Clivias and Poinsettias have beautiful red and orange flowers around Christmas time. They are hardy and don’t need too much looking after. They do need a little  TLC, so unlike cactus or a succulents  follow the care instructions and they will flower beautifully throughout the Christmas season Taking the time to write out a handwritten care card for each gift plant can add a beautiful personal element to your potted plant gifts for Christmas.


Herbs make a fantastic gift, especially if your gift is a person who enjoys cooking. There is such a vast range of different herbs to choose from! Lavender is pretty and fragrant and bound to be a super addition to any house. Cooking herbs such as basil, coriander, and mint make great windowsill additions and can be added to Christmas cooking too. Moss n Stone can present potted herbs in beautiful ceramic & glass bowls turning them into beautiful living gifts.


Orchids are an incredibly popular potted plant gift. They are easily accessible and can be found in almost every florist & gift stores. They are stunning to look at, and if cared for they can be a lovely addition to home decor. They do need care and thrive well in most homes with a little love & attention! There are many variations of orchids in the market place now and the colours are suited to most homes for styling. Why not talk to your florist today and ask what is available throughout the festive season in orchids.

With all the festivities and pleasantries coming our way, give your loved ones a gift they’ll cherish. Moss N Stone on the Gold Coast offers beautiful potted plants ideal for any occasion including Christmas. Visit our website to see a range of our potted plants today.

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