Choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet is not just about having a beautiful floral arrangement. It symbolises your love story and the journey you have taken to arrive at this special day. Your bouquet reflects your personality, and you can use it to communicate your feelings through the amazing language of flowers.

Let us take a closer look at this unique language with the stunning choices from flowers in Southport.

The History of the Language of Flowers

The language of flowers (known formally as floriography) dates back to Victorian times. Flowers were used to send hidden messages and emotions in a society where direct expression was frowned upon. Each flower had a distinctive meaning, allowing people to communicate their feelings in a subtle way.

Popular Wedding Flower Choices and Their Meanings

Today, flowers continue to hold special meanings, and brides-to-be can select their perfect flower option to show their emotions florally. Some of the most popular bouquet options have significant underlying meanings, including the following:

  • Roses: Roses have long held first place as the most iconic symbol of love, making them the obvious choice for many. As an added bonus, these magnificent blooms come in a wide range of colours, adding further to their significance. Red roses are for passionate love, white roses for purity and innocence, and many hues and meanings in between.
  • Lilies: The graceful beauty of these flowers symbolises purity, devotion, and rebirth. This makes them a popular choice, signifying that the loving couple is beginning a new chapter in their lives.
  • Hydrangeas: This full-bloomed flower represents heartfelt emotions, gratitude, and understanding. Its sheer size adds fullness and joy to any bridal bouquet.
  • Peonies: Known for their wonderful fragrance, these beautiful flowers signify romance, prosperity, and happiness, three essential ingredients for a happy marriage.

Creating a Personalised Bouquet

We understand that wedding flowers are such a personal choice and are happy to be guided by your love story to help you select the perfect blooms and bouquets that resonate with your experiences. From romantic and passionate to elegant and timeless, our expert has all the knowledge and expertise to incorporate the flowers that hold special meaning for you.

Moss n Stone offers personalised wedding flowers in Southport and across the whole Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation.