February is the enchanted season of Valentine’s Day balls and social events. Of course, a prominent feature at these functions is the presence of flowers, predominantly classic pink and red roses, as part of the decor. Whether it is a charity lunch or a romantic dinner party, we recommend using flower cake toppers for your special occasion cake.
If you have never used them before, here are three deciding factors for choosing flowers over regular cake toppers.

1. Neater Than Regular Icing

We all love a sugary icing, but modern cake design trends are gracefully moving to more innovative topping ideas. Flower cake toppers are not only fresh but exquisitely neat and artistic. They add something unique and intriguing for guests to look at when they pass by the cake display at your Valentine’s Day dinner. With flowers, your cake will look sublime throughout the evening, and there is no need to worry about the icing melting or smudging.

2. Beautifully Customisable

Flower cake toppers can be customised in many ways. For example, roses work really well for a Valentine’s corporate function. Depending on your theme for the event, there are several other flower arrangements to choose from, such as proteas, lilies or carnations. Speak to an experienced florist like Moss ‘n Stone for expert recommendations on the best flowers for your event.

3. A Sentimental Keepsake

Having cute gifts for guests to take home from a Valentine’s Day function always adds a lovely touch to the proceedings. With floral cake toppers, you could have small arrangements on each table as a centrepiece. Or instead of one big cake, present each guest with their very own mini cake with unique flower cake toppers that they can hold onto as a memento after the event.

The floral toppers can be stored in a vase of water for days after the event for guests to reminisce over and rekindle those good feelings associated with your social gathering.

Get in touch with Moss ‘n Stone on the Gold Coast for stunning flower cake toppers this Valentine’s Day. We are boutique florists and corporate event specialists and can provide you with breathtaking flower arrangements and floral decor.