Are you inspired to bring out the true romantic in you this Valentine’s Day? We at Moss n Stone have a proposition for all the romantics out there. Send a native flower delivery to your loved one on the Gold Coast and make their day!

If you are wondering why we are suggesting native flowers this season, keep reading for our take on native flowers and add some colour and cheer to your biggest romantic gesture this year.

A Rare Alternative To Traditional Red Roses

Roses will always have their special place in our hearts, and nothing fills us with emotion like a deep red rose on Valentine’s Day. However, why not surprise someone this February with something equally beautiful and unexpected?

Native flowers grow exceptionally well on the Gold Coast and will be fresh and lush, making for a gorgeous bouquet. Conjure up in your mind visions of Waratah, Banksia, Wattle, Bottle brush and Eucalyptus – these beautiful flowers have rich, earthy colours, a fragrant scent, a unique look and are also long-lasting and resistant. What more could your love one want?

Special Flowers For A Special Person

With native flower delivery on the Gold Coast, you get to send a message of thoughtfulness because it shows that you cared enough to take the time to choose a truly magnificent bunch of flowers. Whether it is for your loved one, or even your Mum or favourite aunt, you can never go wrong with native flower delivery from Moss n Stone on the Gold Coast. We will help you select the brightest bouquet and can advise on best flower care tips to make the flowers last as long as possible. We will also package the parcel for you with our signature styled packaging for an elegant look.

Browse through our Valentine’s Collection 2023 online and be mesmerised by the rich colours and vibrant appearance of our native flower bouquets and arrangements. Let this be a Valentine’s to remember!

Call Moss ‘n Stone for your native flower delivery service on the Gold Coast this Valentine’s Day, or simply order from our Valentine’s Collection online. It’s the easier way to say ‘I love you’ in true style and elegance.