Have you ever wondered how florists keep their blooms looking so gorgeous and fresh all the time? There is never a wilting leaf or a blemish in sight, yet once we have bought our flowers and leave the shop, they seem to lose their lustre much sooner than they should.

We want that natural beauty to last as long as possible – but what is the real secret? If you are eager to know how to take the best care of your flowers,a florist near you would be the ideal person to consult for some professional tips.


Flowers add sugar and spice and all things nice to any environment. Whether you want to brighten up an office area, a work desk or a boardroom, or maybe celebrate staff appreciation day, flowers say it best. It is wonderful to receive an arrangement of flowers at your home or office, but keeping them alive and looking healthy for more than a few days is often challenging.

If you have  spent money on a stunning flower arrangement on the Gold Coast, it would be a real pity to have to throw them away a couple of days later. So, follow these expert tips from professional florists on how to make your flowers last longer.


  • When you buy your flowers, check that they are fresh by smelling the water and make sure that they look clean and healthy. For roses, the head should be firm and not soft, and lilies should be just starting to open.
  • If the flowers are packaged in floral foam, top it up with water daily – be careful not to overfill.
  • If the flowers are arranged in a bouquet as cut flowers, recut the stems on an angle before adding them to a vase. Changing the water and cutting the branches every second day will get the most from your florals.
  • Remove any leaves that are under the waterline.
  • Place the flowers away from direct heat, sunlight and draughts.
  • Use the provided flower food or a drop of bleach to increase longevity and freshness.

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