Gifting is something we may not do very often, and yet, when we do, it brings such feel-good vibes to those receiving and even those who are giving the gift. When you buy a bunch of flowers or a pamper hamper for your best friend, for instance, it warms your heart to know that it will bring a smile to their face. You may not have time to visit every shop in the idyllic leafy suburb of Chirn Park, and there may be too many online reviews or blogs to sift through, so here are a few pointers to finding the best gift shop in Chirn Park.


A tell-tale sign of a really good gift shop is its online presence. As you search, look out for the brands that really catch your eye, including the name of the shop and its logo,colour scheme, overall design and tone. If these all draw you in and create a feeling of welcoming, warmth and professionalism, you have struck gold. It is an added bonus if the shop has won awards or received special mention in renowned decor and lifestyle magazines.


If you are pressed for time, it is useful to know how to identify a great shop. The decor of a shop can tell you a lot about the brand’s personality, like whether it is feminine, funky, classy, cute,corporate or a mixture of them all.

A really great gift shop will also have variety in terms of gifting options from flower bouquets or arrangements to beautiful gift hampers for special occasions with items such as chocolates, novelty creams, scented candles or even soft baby toys. The best Chirn Park shops will also stock a native selection of flowers that make wonderful gifts.

Moss n Stone Florist is situated in Chirn Park Southport, ‘The Heart of the Gold Coast.’ Our team strives to provide service excellence and superior floral design. We were voted in the top 10 florists in 2016 and 2017. We are committed to making each bouquet better and all events spectacular.

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