Receiving flowers is such a special gift and for most, it only occurs on important occasions. From birthdays, to anniversaries, and of course, Valentine’s Day, chances are they aren’t an everyday thing (as much as we would like them to be, am I right?).

So when you do receive a beautiful bundle of florals, you want them to last as long as humanly (or, should we say, ‘flowerly’) possible.

To help you all out, we thought we would divulge our florist knowledge and tell you all our secrets – so you can best care for your flowers and get the most life out of them as you can.

If you follow these little steps, you should be able to enjoy your natural bunch of beauties for days on end*…

1. Flowers thrive in fresh water
Changing the water daily or every second day is imperative to the longevity of your florals. We are told to drink clean water everyday for health benefits, and believe it or not, flowers need the same TLC. When you do change the water, give the vase a good clean out (with bleach, if possible), to reduce any unwanted bacteria growth. If you have a spray bottle, you can also give the heads of the blooms a quick mist each day to help keep them extra hydrated.

2. Trim them
In addition to changing the water, be sure to give your florals a fresh trim with sharp scissors each day. Cut the stems on an angle and clear the stems of any greenery below the waterline. This is just to ensure the water doesn’t go murky, but also keeps your bundle looking super fresh. Also, if you receive flowers with little water packs or vials on individual stems, make sure you remove these! These are just a temporary water pack (that only last up to 24hours), to keep your flowers hydrated while wrapped, so be sure to dispose of these, before placing your flowers in a vase filled with water.

3. Stay cool
Cool flowers are long-lasting flowers. Keep your bundle in a cool spot and away from direct sunlight. Cut flowers aren’t the biggest fans of excessive heat (who is really?), so be sure to keep your precious bunch in a cool, well-ventilated spot within your home. Also, whatever you do – DO NOT (we repeat, DO NOT) leave your flowers in the car for an extended period of time (without aircon, of course!). If you are buying flowers for a friend, but won’t see them until later in the day – either, let us store them in our chiller for you until you catch up or keep them propped some where cool in the interim. If you won’t be giving the bunch to your special someone until the evening or the next day, make sure you ask for an extra good water wrap – we got you!

4. Feed them
With all our bundles, we attach a little sachet of flower food behind our business card. This can be added into the water of your flowers, giving the florals extra sustenance. Each time you change the water, sprinkle a small portion into the vase (no need to use the packet all at once!) and repeat the process until it runs out.

5. Prune them
As some flowers’ lifespans are shorter than others, be sure to prune your bundle as the days go by, removing any wilted stems. Just because one flower may be wilted, doesn’t mean the whole bunch needs to be thrown out. The more delicate flowers, like the rose and dahlia won’t last as long as the hardier florals like the disbuds and natives, so be sure to look at each flower individually, before making the call.

5. Tell them how beautiful they are
This step may not be proven effective, but it doesn’t hurt to appreciate their beauty out loud. We do it all the time, so you want be alone.

6. Dry them out
Dried flowers are very in trend right now, so if you’re feeling super creative, you can always attempt to dry out your bundle once its fresh days are over, to keep forever (or for a long time at the very least!). Not all flowers will dry out, but florals like natives, roses or hydrangea can! There are plenty of DIY tips and step-by-step guides on Google. Type in ‘how to create dried flowers’ online, Gold Coast, and have a little read before giving this a go, to find the best way to preserve your beauties.

So there you go bloom lovers, if you follow these steps, you will be able to keep your flowers flourishing. And don’t forget to ask one of our friendly team at either our Chirn Park florist or our Gold Coast University Hospital Florist Southport, for anymore care tips and tricks the next time you are in!

*Flowers are a product of Mother Nature, and as such, they can be a little unpredictable in their lifespan, with so many variants coming into play. We can never guarantee how long they will last, but with the above tips it will help to ensure you get the most out of our florals as you can.


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