Moss N Stone has a range of stunning arrangements to choose from, all created with the freshest flowers and foliage available. There is something really special about receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers, especially when they are as stunning as those we create at Moss n Stone.

However, when your blooms start to look a little droopy, don’t be tempted to throw them out. There are plenty of things to be done with fresh flowers when they are no longer looking their finest. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Press Your Flowers 

If you already have flat flowers, like daisies or violets, you should press them while they are still blooming. Snip the flowers, leaving a couple of centimetres of the stem. Take the largest book in your house, open it to the middle, place the flowers between two sheets of extra-thick paper towel, and then between two pieces of cardboard. Weigh down the book with other books and leave for 7 to 10 days for the prettiest pressed flowers.

White & Yellow Flowers

Make Some Dried Flowers 

Many people love dried flowers. To make your own, spray your Moss N Stone bouquet with hairspray and hang it upside down in a cool, dark area like an empty cupboard. Spray your bouquet again after three days. Once they have dried, you can display them in a vase as a long-lasting decoration.

Put Them In A Frame 

You could also try displaying dried or pressed flowers in deep shadow boxes, keeping them in place using a glue gun. Get creative with the backing using fabric, lace or whatever you feel like! With enough creative thinking, you can turn your flowers into a piece of art!

Use Flowers As Wrapping Decoration

Consider adding dried flowers as an extra touch to your gift wrapping. They can be a beautiful, rustic addition to a gift decorated with a fabric or raffia ribbon. Slip a flower behind the bow or stick them down onto the gift wrap.

At Moss N Stone, our stunning arrangements, bouquets and posies are created with love and professionalism, delivered by our staff seven days a week. Sending a beautiful bouquet or treating yourself to one has never been so simple – just visit our online store or contact us.

As we are working with Mother Nature, each of our floral arrangements are bespoke creations and won’t look identical to what is pictured. Please trust our florists to choose from our selection of seasonal blooms, filler flowers and foliages to create something beautiful (and unique!) in the style of your choice. Likewise for our hampers, these are individually created and products/packaging will vary depending on available stock.