Flowers make any room brighter, serve as striking centrepieces and make you smile when you see them. Giving a bouquet is often the go-to move to thank a gracious host, show somebody you are thinking of them or express sympathy. The etiquette of flower giving is an art worth celebrating, especially if you are  looking to send a specific message with your flower arrangement. You can choose from a variety of stunning arrangements at Moss N Stone, all created with the freshest flowers and foliage to send the message you intend.


Make Sure You Choose The Right Flower

There has been a long history of floral influence in societies and cultures around the world, with various cultures assigning special meanings  to specific flowers. It is a good idea to look at whether a bloom you intend to give to someone has a cultural significance, especially if you are unfamiliar with that person’s heritage and culture.

Get To Know Your Flower Colours

Choosing the right colour is as important as choosing the type of flower. Flowers like daisies and carnations come in many different colours and are quite symbolic. If you are giving flowers as a gift, be sensitive to the symbolism. For example, the colour white can represent mourning and unhappy occasions. Red flowers in Asia symbolise life and happiness, while in Mexican folklore, white flowers lift spells and red flowers cast spells.

Give The Appropriate Number Of Flowers

It is important to consider the number of flowers you give, as it differs from place to place. In the U.S., a dozen flowers are appropriate and customary. In Europe and elsewhere, even numbers of flowers are inappropriate. Most of the world considers the number thirteen unlucky, so avoid that number in your bouquets. In parts of Asia, never give a gift associated with the number four because it has the same sound as the word ‘death’. And the tradition of giving a single flower is typically reserved for lovers.

Flowers Can Be For Anyone

Many men enjoy receiving flowers too! The main difference between presenting flowers to a man versus a woman is what type of flowers you give, what colours you choose, and how the bouquet is presented. For men, choose bolder colours, such as yellow and orange, and opt for simple wrapping without many frills or ribbons.

If you are looking for stunning flowers, look no further than Moss N Stone. We create our arrangements with fresh flowers and foliage, and our personal couriers deliver them seven days a week. Our stunning arrangements will make anyone’s day. Sending flowers couldn’t be more simple— just visit our online store or contact us.