Are you looking for a gift to impress your significant other, or to wish someone congratulations, get well soon or even let them know that you are there for them?

Flowers can do all this and more. In this blog, our florist near Ashmore will look at the various ways flowers can be gifted and perceived by family, friends, co-workers and even acquaintances.

Every Flower Holds A Specific Meaning

If you are wanting to go the extra mile and find a meaningful gift, take a look at what the meaning of each flower is and choose accordingly. For example, lilies often symbolize loss and will be given at funerals. Tulips are vibrant in colour and often symbolise love, along with the popular rose. Sunflowers are symbolic of happiness and will be given to boost the spirits of the receiver. Colours also have a significant meaning. For example, blue represents peace, openness and serenity; red symbolises desire and passionate love; while pink symbolises grace and gentility.

Flowers Look And Smell Great

Flowers can visibly brighten up any spot in which they are placed, due to their vibrant colours and different scents. Flowers are known to create a more tranquil, positive space. Why not bring some happiness to a loved one’s life by gifting them flowers.

Flowers Are Super Versatile

Flowers are not only versatile in meaning  but also in shape, cut and colour. Whether it is for a special anniversary, friend’s birthday or housewarming gift, you can find a flower gift option for almost any occasion no matter how big or small.

Flowers Can Fit Your Budget

Whether you are looking for a full bouquet, posy, arrangement or a single rose, flowers have the versatility to fit your budget. Gifting flowers can be affordable and suit any price range and budget.

Work Well With Other Gifts

As well as being versatile and fitting your budget, flowers are also perfect to pair with other gifts such as sweet treats like chocolates or a cake as well as other perfect pairings such as wine, gift cards, candles or anything you wish! Flowers add that extra thoughtful touch.

Ready to find the perfect flower gift for any occasion? Let our  florist near Ashmore help you out! We have a wide variety of gifts, bouquets, arrangements, posies, small plants and more specially curated flowers for special occasions. Order today!