Have you got a big event or celebration coming up and looking for ideas to impress guests with personalised decor? Look no further than cake toppers! On the Gold Coast, you will  find cake toppers are essential to any successful party or event!

With cake toppers being affordable, attractive, personalised and even used as a keepsake, you will want to quickly add them to various cakes or desserts at your event. In this blog, we will  look at four reasons why cake toppers are such a hit!

1) Used For A Range Of Celebrations And Events

Cake toppers are a wonderful addition that have been used for years for a large variety of celebrations and events. You can find cake toppers to suit almost any dessert for any occasion. You will be able to find or custom make a cake topper for your next event whether that be a bridal shower, birthday party, wedding, graduation, baby shower, corporate event, anniversary or some other celebration.

2) Personalise Your Event

Cake toppers really take an event to the next level, adding a personal touch to your cake, desserts or other treats. You can even custom design your cake topper to suit current trends, creating a unique decoration sure to impress your guests.

3) Custom Cake Toppers Can Complement Your Decorations

Instead of adding a complicated icing design to your cake, you are able to create stylish and neat cake toppers that are able to further complement the decorations at your event. By custom designing your cake topper, you can choose how complicated the design will be and which colours will best suit the surrounding decor.

4) Jazz Up The Look Of A Plain Cake

Using a quality cake topper can make a more simple cake look stylish. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your budget on a lavish cake and rather spend a little extra on a unique cake topper that will amplify the look of your simple cake and help it stand out.

Convinced that a cake topper is a must-have for your next event? At Moss n Stone, we are expert florists that can take your next event to the next level. We are based on the Gold Coast with cake toppers and a variety of flower arrangements to spruce up any celebration. Contact us today to find out more!