A simple Internet search will tell you that flower crowns first became trendy about five decades ago, in the 1960s. Back then, they were one of many symbols synonymous with the tree-hugging, peace-loving Hippie Movement. They disappeared from mainstream fashion for a few decades but have reappeared  in the last five years or so.

Everywhere, from runways to weddings & photo shoots, flower power is a popular culture again. A crown designed from fresh  flowers may be just what you need to complete your outfit this summer. So, where should you wear one? We have a few ideas.

1 – Musical Festivals & Concerts

If you have ever browsed through the Instagram feed of any major festival around the world, you’re bound to come across loads of flower crown-inspired hairdos. For example, the popular Woodford Folk Festival happens around New Year’s and is the perfect opportunity to adorn yourself with floral finesse.

2 – Vacations & Loved Up Getaways

Did somebody say vacation? Yes, they did. Going on holidays with a loved one can be an amazing time.. Add that special touch to your swimwear and tropical dresses with seasonal flowers in your hair.

3 – When Styling a Nature Themed Pregnancy Shoot

So, you’re ready to capture those special moments with your baby bump. You are not a fan on fake props. A personally designed flower crown can add all the personality you need to your set. Make use of natural light in your home or surrounds or shoot in a lush location where your headdress will make a statement. If you are doing a gender reveal the flower crown can be designed with the appropriate colours.

4 – Accessories for Your Summer Wedding

Bouquets and Styling Florals are not the only ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding. s. A flower crown can add that touch of whimsical  magic to your fairytale summer wedding.

Anyone can rock flower power this season. Fortunately, they come in all shapes & sizes, so you can make the most of your favourite florals. From fresh to dried & preserved flowers, get the latest fashion accessory today!

Flowers go well with everyone, no matter the age. Contact us today for getting your flower crown on the Gold Coast.

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