Everybody loves a good cake, right? The problem is, how do you make yours extra special? Raise your hand if you consider flower cake toppers an elegant way to make a statement. For many wedding cakes, fresh flowers have been trending as the number one cake topper. The great thing about opting for fresh flowers at your wedding is that you can match them with your wedding colours or let them complement your reception décor. The choices are endless, and so are the flowers.

So, where do you start?

Who Do You Talk To?

The best way to make a decision on your cake topper is by speaking to your local florist and baker. You need to speak to the baker so he/she can supply you with the photo of the cake of your choice. That way it makes it easier for the flowering company to calculate the price and volume of flowers needed for your cake toppers.

Next, you want to speak to the floral designer. With the photo of the cake, the designer will get inspired and see how best to arrange the flower cake toppers. Fresh florals have a way of adding opulence and class to the cake. Did you know that for years fresh flowers were used as cake toppers, long before their popularity today?

Some of the best, long-lasting fresh flowers you can choose from for your cake toppers include:

Speak to your florist and floral designer about your cake inspiration flowers and ask them which fresh flowers will best suit your wedding and the cake.

Planning The Details

Getting both your florist and baker in touch is necessary. Be sure to discuss your requirements and how the cake toppers and décor will be applied. This is also important because the baker may need to add more icing for the flower placements.

At Moss N Stone, we have unique holders for holding flowers on the cake. This allows us to ensure that the cake topper is arranged without exposing the flowers to the cake. In your favour, these will also help when cutting the cake.

If you are looking for fresh flower cake toppers near you, there’s no better place than Moss N Stone. Contact us today!