When planning an event in Chirn Park on the Gold Coast, there’s a lot that you need to consider, from establishing your events’ goals and objectives, selecting the event dates, arranging sponsorships and speakers to coordinating with event suppliers for catering and equipment. One of the major things to include in your event planning is the decor and flowers play a major role. These centrepieces are crucial to adding the desired feel and personality to your event.

However, choosing which are most ideal for your event may seem to prove tricky, especially because many blooms are a particular favourite throughout the year, making them suitable for just about any event.

Here are some of the most popular flowers for events:

Colourful Posies

These small yet bold flower arrangements are particularly great for weddings and as gifts to loved ones. They are distinctive due to their fluffy and naturally eye-catching bloom. A handful of stems with or without their leaves will create a fresh look on a bouquet that is perfect in size and shape for brides and bridesmaids.

Baby’s Breath

If you want flowers that can be added to just about any floral arrangement, baby’s breath is your go-to. These delicate addtions are also native to Australia and can give an airy and graceful touch to baby showers and tea parties in Chirn Park on the Gold Coast.


Whether it is a fishbowl, single stem, wide-based vases or Mason jars, roses are still a favourite for just about any occasion, depending on the type you want to go for. They come in an assortment of arrangements, including contemporary dozens, lovers arrangements and elegant wedding bouquets.


One of the favourites for events of all kinds is lilies. They are ideal for weddings and as a gift when guests leave at the end of your event. However, make sure that you let guests with cats know that they can be affected by lilies, so it would be ideal for keeping them at bay from their furry friends.


These are another stylish and year-round favourite floral arrangement. Their dramatic addition to any decor is sure to make a statement as flora from the orchids family. They come in a variety of colours and are delicately fragrant.

Whether you’re planning your next event in Chirn Park on the Gold Coast or just want to order flowers to send to a loved one, make sure you visit Moss N Stone for a selection of our flower arrangements fit for any event.

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