If you are planning a corporate retreat, why not decorate with something classy yet colourful. The subtle, natural beauty of flowers has a calming effect on guests, making them ideal for a retreat setting. Flower decorations are just as important as your choice of venue and even the menu for the event.  We often pay attention to things like furniture and decorations, but flowers add that special touch to any corporate event. Here is how you can keep your guests relaxed and comfortable at your next planned retreat.


Welcome your guests with an elegant yet vibrant burst of colour and style that they will remember days after the event. Flowers are known to reduce stress so that floral embellishments will strike just the right tone at a company retreat. You can include flowers as centerpieces, along the walls or corridors and in the reception area. Your guests will walk into a beautiful, calm surrounding and feel relaxed and at peace. Corporate flowers are more than just decorations. They make a statement and create a reassuring mood. Studies show that flowers can reduce stress levels by up to 37%, so include them at your corporate retreat. Your guests will thank you.


Moss n Stone your local florist will know how to decorate your retreat setting with the right size, colour and type of flower, as well as an appropriate location within the venue. The position of your flower arrangement will determine the general atmosphere of the event.

Make sure you entrust a professional florist who will deliver on time. They are also likely to be more knowledgeable about the region and which flowers are best suited for the season.

Moss n Stone is a corporate event florist supplying to  Robina, Gold Coast, that can help you bring nature’s best décor solution to your next retreat. Our floral arrangements do more than beautify a space but also create an uplifting atmosphere. Our team strives to provide excellent service and superior floral design. We are committed to making each bouquet perfect and all events spectacular. Contact Moss n Stone for your floral solutions. Call 07 5531 1533 or email [email protected].

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