We may not always realise it, but flowers are often the first thing we notice at corporate events. Gorgeous displays of lilies, posies or seasonal blooms provide a welcome place to rest the eye during long speeches and event protocols. If you are hosting a business function in Mermaid Waters or nearby, consider a florist near you that is experienced in corporate floral arrangements.

Convenience & Efficiency 

Finding a florist may seem a fairly simple task, but it is also important to do a little research. The florist within the closest radius is, of course, convenient, but are they exactly the kind of florist you need for your occasion? It won’t hurt to select your flowers from another suburb that delivers to your location. Expanding your search will give you more options to choose from and you could find exquisite flowers that match your expectations and still provide the convenience and efficiency of fresh flower delivery to your function.

Experience That Matters

If you think back to corporate flowers that really stand out in your memory, the chances are that they were created by an experienced florist. When hosting your business function in Mermaid Waters or nearby, a florist with exceptional experience in corporate events will be the most sensible choice. Yes, all florists know flowers, but if they specialise in weddings or personal gifts, they may not be able to cater to your corporate needs with finesse. Trust a local, experienced florist such as Moss n Stone for flower displays that are specifically designed for meetings, conferences or banquets.

The Best Florist That Delivers To Mermaid Waters And Nearby 

Moss n Stone is an exceptional florist on the Gold Coast that specialises in corporate events and other formal occasions where flowers are the star of the show. We provide elegant table decorations, entrance hall bouquets and other floral ensembles made with the freshest blooms, arranged and packaged by our expert hands. Trust our team for on-point colour schemes, arrangements and long-lasting flowers that will perfectly suit your event. We are based in Chirn Park and Southport but deliver to all surrounding areas on the Gold Coast. While we love corporate events, we also do gifts, special occasion bouquets and flower arrangements for all purposes. Order fresh flowers online or contact us for more information.