Flower cake toppers are an eye-catching finishing touch to any cake, no matter the occasion. While sugar flowers are stunning, and an art in their own right, nothing can replace the beauty of fresh flowers on a cake.

The team at Moss ‘n Stone have had years of experience when it comes to creating beautiful cake toppers, and in this blog we shall share some advice and answer some FAQs.

Why Fresh Flowers On A Cake?

Adding gorgeous, fresh flowers can really elevate the look of a cake. Flower cake toppers are a classic trend that we have seen on many engagement and wedding cakes.

Flower cake toppers can turn an ordinary looking cake into something quite extravagant that you will just have to take pictures with.

Is It Safe to Put Flowers On A Cake?

There are certain poisonous flowers that should not go anywhere near cakes as their toxins could leak out into the cake layers and leave your guests sick. But if the flowers you are using are non-toxic, it is perfectly safe to use them as a floral cake topper.

Most flowers are not edible, however our team at Moss ‘n Stone can advise which flowers would be best and safest to use as a cake topper.

Wrapping The Stems

When adding any flowers to your cake, it is advisable to wrap the stems to stop any fluid from leaking into the layers of the cake and ruining the icing. Even if a flower is non-toxic and safe to eat, the fluid from a stem can still have a bitter taste that could ruin your cake.

Use floral tape to wrap the stems. Floral tape is easy to work with, comes in a selection of greens, can be bought from florists and sticks to itself. Once tightly wrapped, the stems can be safely inserted into the cake for stability.

How Long Do Fresh Flowers Last On A Cake?

Cakes can often be made days in advance and still hold their freshness, but flowers are not the same. While it differs from flower to flower, most fresh flowers will only maintain their freshness for around a day or so. If you can, it is best to create a flower cake topper on the day of the event.

We hope that you enjoyed learning about flower cake toppers. We would love to see your creations! Here at Moss N Stone, our team of florists are able to help with your flower cake toppers for any occasion. Contact us today!

As we are working with Mother Nature, each of our floral arrangements are bespoke creations and won’t look identical to what is pictured. Please trust our florists to choose from our selection of seasonal blooms, filler flowers and foliages to create something beautiful (and unique!) in the style of your choice. Likewise for our hampers, these are individually created and products/packaging will vary depending on available stock.