Let Winter Work Blossom As Your Home Becomes The New Office

The current global pandemic has seen a lot of people transition to working from home, this change has left many struggling with the lack of socialisation. However, working from home doesn’t mean you can’t reach out, or that you have to suffer the winter blues in silence. While outside may look miserable and grey, that doesn’t mean the inside of your home should feel the same.

Now more than ever, keeping up communication with peers as well as business partners and clients is important. And what better way to show your everyone that you are still thinking of them than by sending flowers. Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers or potted plants to your office your corporate clients and business associates  and – add colour to their home office and a smile to their faces.

It’s Back To Work, So Go Back To Blossoms

Despite this, some offices are starting to open up, with employees slowly making their way back to work. Not only does winter bring about the blues, but people may be finding it hard to go back to work as normal. We all know this feeling, don’t we! However, flowers can do a fabulous job of adding cheery spirit, warmth and colour to offices which have been left closed for a while. Purchasing a nice office plant or flower arrangement for your office or someone else’s will not only make the office feel more homely, but plants do a wonderous job in cleaning the air and oxygenating it. Chances are your office is stuffy and smells of stagnate air, right!?

Contact Our Dedicated Floral Designers

Our dedicated floral designers at Moss N Stone are delighted to help you fight those winter blues. And a leader in weekly fortnightly or monthly corporate flowers. We recommend you bring flowers into your corporate space, and better yet, we also recommend you attend one of our upcoming dried flower workshops so that you can learn how to make your own arrangement that can last for a lovely keepsake.