Looking to freshen up your next corporate event? Adding beautiful flower arrangements as centre pieces and decor can really give your event that added detail that makes your guests feel more at ease.

At Moss n Stone, your corporate florist near Hope Island, we specialise in creating corporate flowers for your special functions. In this blog, we look at how you can include florals to elevate your next corporate event.

Plan For The Season

There is nothing better than the colour of seasonal flowers to improve your corporate event. Be sure to ask advice from your florist about which flowers are in season. In-season flowers are also a great gift to give to guests in the form of a thank you.

Bouquet 7

Use Strategic Placement

Flower arrangements can help draw attention to strategic areas you want guests to visit, such as a registration table. You can also draw attention to your guest speaker by placing beautiful arrangements around the stage and lectern.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Adding floral arrangements to your corporate event will help add vibrance to your event. You can choose colours strategically by selecting flowers that match your corporate logo and theme of your event. Flower colours also carry specific meanings and feelings behind them, so keep that in mind when asking for advice from your professional florist.

Freshen Up The Space

Corporate events can sometimes be dull, leading to un-enthusiastic guests. Therefore, be sure to freshen up the space with lush, bright arrangements that complement the event’s space.  Flowers create freshness to the room and add a gentle presence your guests will be seeking after a long day at the conference.

Get Creative

Make florals a key part of your event by creating an eye-catching flower wall for guests to use as a background for taking photos. You can also allow guests to take home part of your centre pieces as a token of appreciation for attending.

Looking to give your corporate event that breath of fresh air? Be sure to get the help of Moss n Stone, a florist servicing Hope Island and surrounds, who is experienced in decorating corporate events with the most beautiful flowers in season! Give us a call today or order your flowers online.