Are you trying to decide what flowers to choose for your next event, or even just to freshen up your home? The best choice you can make is to choose flowers that are currently growing locally and in season.

Not only will choosing seasonal flowers be supporting our local growers, but they actually look and smell better and are made to last in the current climate. Here, our Gold Coast florist looks at the benefits of choosing seasonal blooms and which specific flowers to pick this winter.

Experience Bolder Colours And Brighter Scents

Choosing seasonal bouquets for your upcoming wedding or event will result in fresher flowers that will last longer, give a splash of colour and exude a stronger scent. Seasonal flowers can be locally sourced, allowing for a quicker time interval between when the blooms are cut, delivered to your florist and ultimately delivered to you.

Suited For The Current Weather

Choosing seasonal blooms is a great way to ensure your flower arrangements will still look good even after being outside for hours. This is because they are suited to the current climate and are hardier against the extreme cold or heat. If you need to set up ahead of time, you can trust seasonal flowers to look better for longer.

Increased Availability

It is no surprise that in-season flowers will be easier to source than flowers that aren’t currently blooming. Just like your seasonal fruit and vegetables, you can find an abundance of flowers that are seasonal right now.

Flowers To Choose For Your Bouquet This Winter Season

Looking for the perfect in-season flower bouquet this winter? Here we have made a helpful list of the most beautiful and vibrant winter blooms to pick for your event.

  • Winter Pansies
  • Hellebore (Winter Rose)
  • Hyacinth
  • Glass House Roses
  • Algerian Iris
  • Lisianthus
  • Oriental Lilies
  • Camellia

Now that you have seen the benefits, why not call us at Moss n Stone so we can help you select a beautiful arrangement or bouquet filled with seasonal favourites this winter. Contact us today to find out more!