It is never easy to deal with loss, whether it is a friend, family member or business colleague. Showing sympathy for someone who is grieving can mean a lot to them, and flowers are the ideal way to do this when we cannot find the right words. Let us take a look at some of the best sympathy flowers in Southport, and the etiquette to follow when sending them.

Suggested Sympathy Flowers And What They Mean

Sending Lilly’s. symbolizes resurrection and renewal and are often associated with bereavements. They also represent innocence and purity, rousing feelings of hope in a grieving family, friend or colleague.

White or pink roses are also comforting at somber times. They symbolize love and new beginnings while bringing a soft, sweet scent to the room. White roses indicate purity, pink roses indicate gratitude and yellow roses indicate friendship. A single coloured bouquet of roses would make a thoughtful gesture to show sympathy, or you could combine different coloured roses with other flowers like chrysanthemums or carnations in pale pink, cream or lilac.

How Can I Send Sympathy Flowers In Southport?

Part of the etiquette for sending sympathy flowers is knowing when to send them, what colours are appropriate and what else to include in the parcel. They can be sent to the home or the funeral service as soon as you hear about the loss, or even up to a few weeks later. Bright colours are best avoided, and white seasonal blooms or pastel colours should be used instead for a calm, caring tone. A simple gift card that says ‘Thinking of you’ or ‘Sending condolences’ also adds a nice personal touch.

Flowers From The Heart

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