It has never been easier to order flowers online on the Gold Coast. There is certainly no shortage of florists available for online orders and delivery. At Moss N Stone, we understand that so much choice can be overwhelming at times. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help avoid any disappointment when your online flower order is delivered.

Make A Point Of Reading The Terms Of Service

Before you spend a cent, make sure to read the terms and conditions for any online florist. Check for information regarding additional charges as well as possible guarantees for the delivery time, flower freshness or potential replacements.

Choose Flowers That Are In Season

Choosing arrangements with flowers that are in season makes it more likely that the arrangement being received is fresh and made with flowers that look their best. While it is possible to get certain flowers out of season, they are usually not as impressive or beautiful as when they bloom naturally.

Do Your Homework – Check Reviews

It’s common to check reviews for any online service or product, but it is important to seek out the right kind of reviews. Look for reviews that are recent to get a good idea of how the business operates currently. Try to find reviews for customers who have made similar orders or have similar delivery requirements as you. Comments on customer service (or sometimes lack thereof!) can help you gauge what kind of business you are buying from and what kind of help you may receive should anything go wrong with your delivery.

Check Delivery Options

Often, online florists on the Gold Coast offer a range of delivery options. These options usually come at different charges, with more urgent or short-notice deliveries costing a bit more than orders placed well in advance.

Use A Reputable Florist To Order Flowers Online On The Gold Coast

At Moss N Stone, we create stunning arrangements and bouquets with fresh flowers and foliage. Open 7 days a week; we deliver flowers directly to their recipient in a timely manner. For a florist that goes the extra mile that you can trust when ordering flowers online on the Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to contact us.

As we are working with Mother Nature, each of our floral arrangements are bespoke creations and won’t look identical to what is pictured. Please trust our florists to choose from our selection of seasonal blooms, filler flowers and foliages to create something beautiful (and unique!) in the style of your choice. Likewise for our hampers, these are individually created and products/packaging will vary depending on available stock.