For those who frequently visit our stores, you would know that our obsession with plants is real.

And while we will forever have our lush succulent bowls, classic orchids and quirky kokedamas on show, we felt it was about time we turn our stores into jungles with a few (aka ALOT) more plant babies.

Complementing our green obsession, we’ve also treated ourselves to a nice little selection of trendy pots and baskets, letting you – our customers – mix and match, finding the right plant baby for your home.

So to get you guys just as excited as we are, we thought we would introduce you all to some of our newest additions:


Well this lil’ darling is one of our faves, with its vibrant green beads draping all over the shop (quite literally). It’s super easy to care for – all the String of Pearls needs, is to be placed in a nice bright part of the home, and to be watered whenever the soil is super dry. Oh and just daily TLC in the form of ‘I love you’s’ and ‘look how beautiful you are today’ will do the trick (note: this should be done for all plants – no ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘that’s weird’).


Oh how lush this guy is! We’ve only got a few of these beauties in stock, and TBH, they’ll probably be snapped up before we know it. A very trendy indoor plant, these guys grow nice and big with some proper care. Position it in a warm, well-lit spot of the house (we’re talking indirect sunlight) and keep it hydrated. When the stems start to grow nice and big, and appear in need of support, prop a firm stick, timber pole or a piece of bamboo, in the middle of the plant, and tie the stems gently to it, allowing the Monstera to grow upwards.


Looking like it has just been handpicked from some far-flung desert, the African Milk Tree is very in line with our earthy style. And what’s better, it is super easy to look after thanks to its succulent/cacti heritage. For those people who say “I can’t, for the life of me, keep a plant alive”, then this baby is for you, being well-known to thrive on neglect. Keep it in a well-lit area, near a sunny window and water it weekly, but don’t over water it, as it may cause root rot. Hot tip, it will thoroughly enjoy some time in the sun too, so let it ‘lax outdoors every now and again.

So if you are just as obsessed as we are with plants and need your fix, or are on the hunt for a gorgeous gift for your family or friend, then pop into either our Chirn Park or Gold Coast University Hospital store to check out our new range of plants and succulents.

The above are just a few varieties we currently have in store, and we will continue to get new and different types in, when we can.

Oh, and for those who love our hanging kokedamas, succulent bowls and orchids – you’re in luck, as we’ve got plenty of these in stock as well!