It is not uncommon to send flowers to show support and condolences after someone has lost a loved one. When it comes to sending funeral flowers on the Gold Coast, there is certainly no shortage of variety available. If you are not the type to send just any generic bouquet, you may be interested in the deeper meanings of some funeral-appropriate flowers with the help of Moss N Stone. Sending funeral flowers with thought  is a simple way to express your love, sympathy and support at a grieving family’s  time of need.

White Flowers 

White flowers, such as carnations, roses and lilies, are perhaps the most commonly found flowers in funeral arrangements, symbolising honour, innocence and respect felt by the bereaved for the departed.

Red Flowers 

Commonly thought to symbolise love, red flowers also signify strength and courage, and are often used by a spouse or close family and friends of the bereaved. Think about sending an arrangement containing red tulips or light or dark red carnations to express your feelings and wishes.

Lavender Flowers 

Lavender coloured flowers, such as English lavender or tall bearded iris, symbolizes femininity and grace. They are often selected as a funeral flower for a woman who was dear to you.

Blue Flowers 

While stereotypically being the colour associated with the male gender, blue represents serenity, honesty and tranquillity. Blue flower arrangements are thus often appropriately used in funerals for men. An arrangement with blue hydrangeas or forget-me-nots can be a touching symbol of respect for an important deceased male figure in your life.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers convey friendship as well as hope or happiness. Yellow flower arrangements of sprightly sunflowers or delicate daffodils for a funeral can express how much joy a person brought to those around them and the quality friendship they offered to those around them.

Send Funeral Flowers On The Gold Coast

At Moss N Stone, we use only fresh flowers and foliage in every bouquet and arrangement. For a florist that goes that little bit extra,  you can trust to help send the right message with funeral flowers on the Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to contact us.