Showing support and care to those who are experiencing a bereavement  is never easy. You want to be there for them, supporting during their grief. Sometimes it is hard to find the right words.

Ensuring they are okay, but respecting their privacy,  show them how much you care and make sure they know you are there when they need you. Flowers have been as an expression of sympathy  for decades,  they are the vehicles for emotional expression when words fail and provide meaning. Different flowers and colours express different messages. Let’s explore some of the most popular ones.

#1 Roses

Roses are wildly popular worldwide. Not only for their beauty, but also because of the various different meanings associated with each colour. You can choose whatever colour best fits your message, or even combine them. White roses symbolise purity and youthfulness, perfect for expressing grief over losing someone too young. Yellow roses represent friendship and caring. Not only does the bright, warm colour help to brighten their mood, but it also sends a message of support to a grieving friend. Peach and dark pink roses convey sincerity and gratitude to the family of someone who added value to your life. Black roses symbolise bereavement, loss, farewell, and rebirth, making them perfect for funerals.

#2 Lilies

Lilies are gorgeous aromatic flowers that bring elegance and calm into any space. Blooming in summer after a hard, cold winter, these flowers evoke ideas of rebirth and new beginnings. Like roses, the symbolism of lilies is primarily found in their colours. For expressing your condolences, white lilies are the perfect choice, as they represent purity and innocence restored to a passing soul. This makes a powerful statement about the spirit of a loved one and brings hope to those trying to move on. We especially recommend white lilies for faith-based funeral services, as ideas of purity and rebirth are greatly valued.

#3 Chrysanthemums

These stunning flowers have been the traditional funeral flower for decades across many European and Asian countries. Only ever seen on graves and funeral sprays, they symbolize the passing of a soul, sorrow, and grief. This may seem like a pretty dark message, even when considering the circumstances, but it does not  have to be. In America, these eye-catching flowers express support, encourage feeling better, and promote a cheerful atmosphere. This results in the perfect balance, where one flower represents two complimentary messages. A symbol of mourning and passing over, as well as support and encouragement, chrysanthemums are beautiful additions to any funeral setting.

Here at Moss N Stone, we will help you pick the perfect arrangement to show your sympathy and support. Contact us for the freshest sympathy flowers hand crafted into memorable arrangements that show you care.