Adding beautiful floral bouquets to your home over Christmas is a fantastic way to celebrate and decorate the space. With many traditional classics to pick from, you may be thinking of switching things up this year. Unique Christmas flowers can add an element of surprise to the festivities, creating an unforgettable ambience for your attendees.

Below, we look at some out-of-the-box flower arrangement ideas to liven up your home this festive season.

Set The Stage In Your Hallway 

One sure way to start the occasion off with a bang is to position an eye-catching flower arrangement front and centre as soon as guests walk through the front door. Placing a statement bouquet in full view in the hallway is unexpected and sets a marvellous first impression.

Aim for bright colours, large blooms contrasted with smaller flowers and lots of foliage with one primary source of perfume. Your guests will surely be impressed at this innovative and bold flower arrangement choice.

Bannister Bouquet 

If you have a staircase in view, a fantastic way to utilise the space is to place bouquets cascading up the bannister. Doing this adds a lovely whimsical, elegant touch and shows that you went the extra mile to create a memorable Christmas setting.

Use strong twine to secure your florals while finishing the design with elegant ribbons coordinated with your flowers of choice. This decor idea is sure to wow your guests!

Colour Pop Centrepiece

Adding a bright pop of colour to the centre of your table is a classic choice. Our Fresh Floral Christmas Table Piece With Candle is the ideal centre piece for your loved ones to gather around for a delicious Christmas feast.

However, you can innovate this idea by incorporating layers of colourful blooms, honing in on a dramatic aesthetic outside the traditional red and green hues. Moreover, you could tie the remaining table decor into your florals to create a sense of artistry and cohesion across the space.

Step Outside The Bounds Of Traditional Colours 

While decorating your home in the traditional reds, greens and whites pays homage to the classic look and feel of the festive season, why not rebel and switch things up? Make a statement by stepping into a new realm, such as dabbling in pastel tones spread right through your Christmas decor choices. Soft pastel florals can bring a soft, ethereal atmospheric touch to the space, creating something new for you and your guests.

Unique Christmas flowers and arrangements are a sure way to add an element of excitement and awe to your festive decor this year. While classic blooms will never go out of style, you could have a marvellous time stepping outside your comfort zone to harness your inner creative flare!

A Moss ‘n Stone, we can bring your unique Christmas flower arrangements to life! We use fresh flowers and foliage to create gorgeous designs. Order your flowers online today!