For decades now, corporate flower budgets have been under scrutiny, however science is now telling businesses to rethink their view on it.  Biophilic design is a concept first studied in the 1980s and led to Green Building design and legislation growing across the globe.

Quite simply it states that we like to see and be in nature.  While that may seem like a no-brainer, the concept has been completely overlooked when designing office spaces. It turns out that our white-on-white, urban cubicles may have been designing a hole into bottom lines.

The Super Power Of Plants

There have now been decades of studies measuring the productivity of people with views and environments of plants, flowers and nature versus those without; how people feel when arriving at spaces, like events, or work places; utilising the space; and the after effects.

The results show that plants and flowers reduce the persons stress, increase their feeling of wellbeing, their feeling of safety, their endorphins, the positive view of their surroundings and they log the location as a place they wish to return to.

Petals Packing A Punch

Interior designers and event planners are now designing plants and flowers more strategically into their interiors. The design should start the experience at the entrance of your event or business.

This can be done with flowers, potted plants or miniature potted gardens. An entrance that is enveloped in nature will trigger the destressing process immediately. This then needs to be maintained throughout the event or office space.

Studies have even shown that patients exposed to flowers and greenery in hospitals get better quicker than those who don’t.!

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health and Mr Bill Browning, one of the green building industry’s foremost thinkers and strategists are urging businesses and brands to up their investment in biophilic design or risk becoming a fossil. And we can help here!

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