Over the centuries, funerals have taken many forms and served different purposes. In modern times, society prefers to celebrate the life of the person who has passed. We permit ourselves to experience flashes of joy during a tough time, to remember the many, many valuable moments that were experienced.

Nature is known to help with healing, and this is believed to be one of the original drivers behind funeral flowers gold coast. Some have said the scent was used as a perfume for the air hence the choice of strong-smelling lilies.

Others have said it is a way of showing respect via gift-giving.  Another compelling argument supplied, talks of the healing properties of nature, of colour and the gentleness created by visual texture.

Regarding the funeral of a loved one, there are practical decisions to be made, and most do not know where to start, not to mind also feeling overwhelmed by this life event.

Here is some helpful advice from our floral experts

Flowers For A Funeral Service Vs. Sympathy Flowers For The Family’s home

Funeral flowers are specifically for the funeral service and come in various arrangements depending on the placement. Their purpose is as a tribute to the loved one that has passed. Their beauty will be decorative and gently, appropriately uplifting in what can be an overwhelming event.

Flowers going to someone’s home are addressed to the person that has suffered the recent loss; it is in recognition of their pain and loss and serve as an offering of healing.

How To Choose An Arrangement Style

With a circle symbolising eternal life, a wreath is a frequently chosen arrangement. Additionally, casket wreaths are often displayed on an easel in a prominent position near the casket. Another can also be placed on the coffin with a casket spray below.

These arrangements are sent directly to the funeral home or church for the service. These are appropriate for family and close family friends to send. Flowers on the casket are from immediate relatives.

There are also styles called sprays, hearts, crosses, cushions, teddy bears, and any shapes that you feel is symbolic of the person who has passed.

  • Standing Spray – This type of arrangement tends to be supplied by the family or extended family of the deceased. It is usually displayed near the casket and is made for viewing from one side. They are sent directly to the funeral home or church for the service.
  • Floral baskets – These give a lovely display; it can have additional floral elements added and can be made up in a variety of sizes. These will be displayed around the casket, usually at the service/funeral home.
  • Living plants – This arrangement is a mix of lush green plants or flowering blooms that are long-lasting, low maintenance choice to send directly to a family’s home.
  • Floor Bouquet – This is an arrangement in a large vase, or a pot placed on the floor near the casket. The flowers usually hide the vase as it is low and stable.

Friends and colleagues are encouraged to send smaller pieces: basket arrangements, bouquets in vases, and more petite wreaths.

Types Of Flowers

Ask your  florist for flowers that will withstand the prevailing temperature of the day and also flowers that are not super delicate which will wilt if in the warmth.

Reliable options are lilies, gladioli, roses, chrysanthemums, Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids and carnations.

Traditionally white, cream and pale pink are used, but this is open to personal choices and cultural variations. Combinations of these with greens will make beautiful arrangements.

Frequent Questions & Concerns

Do Flowers Get Sent To A Cremation?

Cremation is frequently chosen nowadays. It depends if the family has a service at the crematorium. If yes, similar rules apply as per a funeral otherwise sympathy flowers would be a good option to send directly to the family’s home.

What Should Be On The Card?

Simple praise or tribute is usually the standard. Something as uncomplicated as a note to say ‘we are thinking of you’ is acceptable. Any support will let the family know you care. Remember to write who it is from so that the family knows the sender.

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